Making a difference so differences don’t make us

International migration – the movement of people across international boundaries – has enormous implications for growth and welfare in both origin and destination countries. In Singapore alone, about 40% of our population comprises permanent residents and foreigners. By allowing workers to move to where they are more productive, migration results in an increase in aggregate output and income. Yet, at the same time, immigration results in social tensions if the host community feels that its culture and way of life is under threat.

The Doveswarm SIG is committed to promoting coexistence of migrants and local residents by addressing the needs and concerns of both parties.

Over the years, the Doveswarm SIG has evolved into a group that stands to bridge the gaps that divide us, be they lines of nationality, race, or religion. For more information on what Doveswarm does, take a look at their activities here or via the drop down menu!